What do we do?
Shantidevi Charitable Trust (SDCT) provides supplementary education to over 7500 children in 9 Slums in New Delhi. We also run Infant Day-Care Centers and Vocational Classes for Ladies. We have a small presence outside of Amritsar, in Gumtala, where we provide after-school tuitions to almost 425 children.

Why do we do it?

Shantidevi's Principal Trustees, Anuradha and Tarun Bakshi, always felt the need to help people who were at a great disadvantage in life. For many years before the Trust's founding, they donated money and volunteered their time to various organizations, particularly the 'homes' run by Mother Teresa. It was their experience at these homes, where they saw the Sisters so whole-heartedly dedicated to the caring of the most unfortunate people in society – lepers, AIDS victims, orphans, etc. – that drove them to undertake their own full-time project. So, in 1998 was born Shantidevi.